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I cannot rave about Canyon Crest Dental enough. From the amazing staff, the fantastic doctor, and just overall care they have given me and my family. They have been so friendly and accommodating. I am so thankful I have found a dentist I can trust. I recently had 3 cavities. I waited 90 days until my dental insurance kicked in before coming to get them fixed. Well, big mistake on my part…2 of the cavities became worse, and from the xrays, we were expecting to have to do 2 root canals. Well, the amazing Dr. Grant took his time and did his best work on me…and wallah! He worked his magic and saved me from needing the root canals. They were very close to the root when he drilled them out, but what can I say, this man did an amazing job. And to top things off, all 3 of my kids love coming to this dentist as well. I highly recommend them!! UPDATE: 2/18/19 My kids and I are currently getting our six month checkup and teeth cleaning. We love this office and it’s staff just as much as we did before, if not more. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Canyon Crest Dental. If you are in search of a dentist that you can trust and that has a very friendly, and accommodating staff, you need to look no further.
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