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Dental Services

Wow!!!! Where do I start? Let’s start with the decor. This office is classy and is so bright and cheery – cuter than any parade of homes I’ve seen. Ok, now to the receptionist – Amy is a “make you feel great” person. She is bubblier than soda and happier than sunshine. Her energy is contagious and just makes you smile and show those pearly whites. I love her! I love talking to her and she is so genuine. Dr. Grant is so kind and immediately makes you smile and feel good. He asked questions that make you feel like he actually cares. And Alyssa is a gem. I love her! It was a treat to talk to her and she feels like an older sister. She’s so loving and has great advice. I love all the people here!!! And decor!! What’s not to like about Canyon Crest?!
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