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Lehi Dental Restoration

Are you happy with your smile? At Canyon Crest Dental, we provide top-of-the-line dental restoration services and can help with any issues you may have with your dental health. Our restorative dental procedures use the best technologies to improve your oral health and renew your confidence in your smile. Restorative dentistry is about much more than tackling your aesthetic concerns. By using the latest technology, we can improve the way you enjoy food, enhance your speech, and set you on a comfortable path to better oral health. Whether you require a crown or a jaw bone graft, you’ll find that our selection of restorative dental procedures in Lehi is enough to give you the vibrant smile you deserve. Schedule Your Dental Restoration Appointment

Dental Implants

When one or more of your teeth is missing, many people assume they need dentures. Dental implants are an easier solution to restoring your smile. Our dental implants insert into the jawbone beneath your gum. As a result, they’re less likely to move around as time goes on. After recovering from your procedure, you’ll enjoy a natural smile that feels as good as the teeth you once had. Learn More About Our Dental Implants

Tooth Colored Cavity Fillings

Around 92% of adults aged between 20 and 64 have a cavity in one or more of their teeth. If you leave yours untreated, it can progress to tooth loss pain (or even tooth loss). At the same time, the idea of having a filling that doesn’t match the color of your existing teeth isn’t appealing, either. That’s where the team at Canyon Crest Dental comes in. Utilizing composite fillings, we can provide cavity fillings that are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Our tooth colored cavity fillings combine the durability of ceramic with the aesthetic appeal of your natural tooth color. Learn More About Our Tooth Colored Fillings

Dental Crowns

Thanks to their diverse nature, dental crowns can address an array of problems; if part of your tooth is missing, they will allow you to achieve a natural and even smile. If a tooth is weak due to decay, we can even use dental crowns to prevent you from complete tooth loss. Other useful purposes for crowns include supporting bridged teeth and altering the look of discolored teeth. At Canyon Crest Dental, our team will work with you to produce the results you desire when it comes to your dental crowns. If it is your first time receiving one, we’ll also give you in-depth knowledge of how to take care of them. Learn More About Dental Crowns

Dental Bridges

Are you missing teeth? The loss of just one tooth can have a negative effect on your confidence. It may also interfere with your speech, eating patterns, and future oral health. At Canyon Crest Dental, we will carefully construct dental bridges that complement the anatomy of your mouth. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the use of dental bridges will prevent your surrounding teeth from drifting out of position. With our approach, you’ll see long-lasting results. Learn More About Dental Bridges

Full and Partial Dentures

Like dental bridges, full and partial dentures allow you to fill in gaps caused by missing teeth. Unlike dental bridges, however, these are removable. This is an option that appeals to those who are unwilling or unable to undergo restorative surgery. While full dentures will replace a line of teeth in their entirety, partial dentures will rest alongside your existing teeth or implants to fill in the gap. Using a pre-construction appointment, we will gently take a mold of your existing teeth. From there, we will prepare the perfect fit for your mouth.

Root Canal Therapy

Beneath the areas of your teeth that you can see rests a root that anchors the tooth into your gums and jaw. For lots of reasons, this area can become infected. When said infection touches the surrounding nerves, you’ll probably experience painful sensations that are difficult to ignore. Root canal treatment involves using everyday dental tools to enter the space where an infection is present and clear it. From there, we can use fillings to make up for any space that you lose. In a small number of cases, it’s necessary to remove the tooth. However, we always prefer to avoid doing so.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tooth extraction can be necessary if you’ve experienced tooth damage due to decay or trauma. It can also be required if you have wisdom teeth. Although tooth extraction is something that dentists like to avoid, sometimes it presents the best outcome. When a tooth is too fractured to repair while providing stability to the rest of your mouth, it’s better to remove it and investigate other forms of restorative dentistry to get your smile back. Similarly, if an infected tooth becomes a risk to the surrounding teeth, tooth extraction is a great option.

Bone Grafting

When you’re exploring the possibility of dental implants, but your jaw is not strong enough to accommodate them, bone grafting could be an option. At Canyon Crest Dental, we use bone from a cadaver that is now safe to use. The addition of a bone graft is a conjunctive serve that goes along with implants. With these grafts, your bone is strengthened to handle an implant more effectively. Learn More About Bone Grafting
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