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Dental Sealants in Lehi, UT

Dental sealants are one of the most effective ways to prevent cavities — especially in later adulthood. The CDC says that parents who choose to use dental sealants for their children prevent 80% of cavities through the course of their life. So why do so many parents opt out?

When it comes to dental sealants, it could come down to a matter of time, money, and concern over dental materials. Parents often express concern about bisphenol A, also known as BPA. However, the CDC shows that BPA is extremely low in dental sealants — and even this low-level exposure occurs only a few hours after the sealant bonds. There’s not enough BPA to cause health concerns in young children. The cost can also feel like an issue — most parents don’t know if their medical coverage supports dental treatments so opting for sealants might feel out of reach. Dental sealants are both time and money well-spent. This pain-free application can prevent years of expensive dental treatments for tooth decay, surgery, implants, and more. They are not a luxury — they’re a necessity.

When choosing Canyon Crest Dental in Lehi, UT, families benefit from affordable dental care options and our staff’s dental insurance and coverage expertise. We focus on helping families receive the dental care they deserve — and that includes dental sealants.

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What Are Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a preventative response to dental “caries” — known more commonly as tooth decay.

Once decay sets in and gets to a certain point, the only way to treat it is to get into the tooth and extract the material. This is usually what you do when you schedule a cavity filling.

If the decay spreads or goes deeper into the tooth, you could be looking at more serious measures like dental implants, root canal therapy, and even bone grafting. These are standard procedures, but they’re time-consuming and more expensive than routine care. It’s hard to believe that a solution like dental sealant applications can make a world of difference, but they can. The only “ask” is that parents should apply these sealants for children when they’re young.

There are many misconceptions around dental sealants, so here are the facts about this highly effective procedure:

  • Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings applied to your children’s back teeth to prevent tooth decay years later.
  • They work by protecting teeth from the inevitable move-in of bacteria within holes created in teeth from the natural acidity of food particles.
  • Sealants will often last for years before requiring reapplication.
  • Sealants are effective even if decay has begun. They can prevent bacteria from further reaching small, mild cavities in the process of developing.
  • Dental sealant treatment programs prove to be cost-effective after two years, and families save money in ongoing dental costs tooth over four years.

Despite these undeniable benefits, only 43% of school-aged children get dental sealant treatments. The CDC reports that this choice has grave consequences — school-age children without sealants have almost three times more cavities than children with sealants.

Are Dental Sealants Safe For Children?

Measuring the safety of dental sealants goes beyond solely judging the treatment itself. Without a doubt, both the procedure and the materials used in dental sealants are safe.

Safety is also measured by how protected children are when parents opt for dental sealant applications. In other words, is the process effective? Once again, the resounding answer to that concern is a consistent and scientifically-proven “yes!” The American Dental Association (ADA) has firmly come out in favor of dental sealant applications to a child’s primary and permanent molars. This expert and professional body of medical practitioners also say that fluoride varnish applications are not enough — nor are they comparable.

In three separate studies of 2,000 individuals each, results clearly and consistently showed that participants who received dental sealant treatments saw a 73% reduction in the risk of developing new decay-based lesions, compared to those who only received fluoride varnishes.

What to Expect During the Dental Sealant Process

The dental sealant process is a quick and stress-free procedure.

Your dentist will clean and dry your teeth before placing an acidic gel which roughs up the surface of the enamel. This encourages a strong bond between the teeth and sealant material. Sealants then go on your teeth in liquid form.

A few seconds after the acidic gel, your dentist will rinse it off and dry your teeth once more. They’re now ready to receive the sealant. Sealants come in two varieties: glass ionomers and composite resin. The difference is in the setting process.

Glass ionomer applications undergo an acid-base reaction as they set. Composite resin liquids require a special polymerization reaction. This means your dentist will cure your teeth with a special blue light which hardens and sets the sealant.

As the liquid sealant flows into the fissures created by the acidic gel, they form a cured protective coating — think of it like armor that keeps out invading bacteria.

Your insurance provider will usually cover the cost of sealants because they’re so routine. In the case that your coverage plan does not, the cost is not prohibitive — especially when you factor in the comparative cost of fillings. Often, families can work with dental clinics on a payment plan or even opt for third-party financing.

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At Canyon Crest Dental Service in Lehi, UT, we’re a family-focused dental clinic that’s uniquely positioned to understand and empathize with parents seeking better dental care for their families — and especially for their children.

As a father to four energetic, curious, and loving children himself, Dr. Grant and his team know just how crucial getting an early start in dental care is. Routine and high-quality dental care can transform your child’s smile, health, and quality of life. It can also save them thousands of dollars in unnecessary dental bills well into adulthood.

It’s why Canyon Crest Dental Clinic is committed to providing families with flexible payment options. We believe that accessibility and affordability should never be the reason why you can’t commit to ongoing, high-quality dental care and hygiene.

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