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Teeth Trivia: Things Everyone Should Know About Their Teeth

Did you know that humans can detect smiles from more than 300 feet away? Some people think this developed because early humans needed to be able to distinguish between a friend or enemy. This may be why we’re able to recognize the difference between the 19 types of smiles, which range between genuine, fear, and … Continued

9 Tips to Help Eliminate Bad Breath

Do you find yourself thinking, “My breath always stinks, no matter what?” You’re not alone. The numbers of people suffering from bad breath in North America are staggering. It’s hard to believe it, but researchers say some 80 million Americans suffer from either severe halitosis or some form of bad breath. Across the world, 35-45% … Continued

Museum of Natural Curiosity

Located at the stunning gardens of Thanksgiving Point Institute in Lehi, Utah, the Museum of Natural Curiosity is a must-see for people visiting Salt Lake City. The 45,000 sq. ft. establishment is comprised of four huge exhibit sections accompanied by a luxurious gathering area. There are more than 400 interactive experiences being offered at the … Continued

John Hutchings Museum of Natural History

For those visiting Lehi, Utah for the first time, the John Hutching Museum of Natural History offers plenty of things to do. The museum started in 1955 when John Hutchings together with his wife Eunice made a donation to the establishment. Items such as minerals, rocks, shells, fossils, eggs, stuffed birds, pioneer items and Native … Continued

Lehi Roller Mills

The Lehi Roller Mill and Elevator Company served all of the local farmers around Lehi, Utah back in the early 1900s. In the year 1905, the company’s shareholders invested $20,000 and changed the name to Lehi Roller Mills. This new mill boasted the most modern equipment in processing flour and started producing its first products … Continued

Thanksgiving Point

If you’re looking for something to do when you visit Lehi, Utah, then going to Thanksgiving Point has got you covered. This is a unique destination where education, recreation and peacefulness are combined together. The place can be found just twenty minutes south of Salt Lake City and just off of Interstate 15. Those looking … Continued

Vizzini’s House of Escape

For those looking for a unique way to have fun in Lehi, Utah, then you might be interested in Vizzini’s House of Escapes. This establishment is an escape room business in a converted home. People who have not tried playing an escape room before will experience a very fun way of interacting with your environment … Continued

Canyon Crest Dental in Lehi, UT Welcomes Adobe Employees

Earlier this week, Adobe® announced their plans to double the size of the company’s Lehi, UT facility. This expansion will bring in 1,000 new technology jobs and introduce a massive boost to the local economy. At Canyon Crest Dental, we are always happy to see our community grow, and we make a commitment to support … Continued
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